Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do this myself rather than enlist your services?

A: Of course!  You can also remodel your house and rebuild the transmission of your old car.  Some architectural firms perform energy modeling and code compliance in house.  However, with the efficiency of our plan review team and our competitive prices, we believe that we can perform the service for less than what it would cost a firm to hire, train and employ an individual to do this work.  Oh, and don't forget-- if there is an error in our work-- we fix the problem and refund your money.

The square footage you modeled doesn't match our square footage for conditioned floor area... why?

A: We rarely match an architect's square footage because we include wall assemblies in our conditioned floor area.  For example, if you have home with brick or stucco veneer-- we are going to model that building material because it is part of the wall assembly and all parts of that assembly affect the performance of the building.

Q: What do you mean by "quick turnaround?"

A: Let us preface with the fact that we always try to exceed expectations and complete our models as soon as possible.  That said, our standard turnaround is 5 business days for both custom and production builders.  Rush delivery will ensure that you'll have your report within 48 hours of submittal.

Q: What do you charge for your code compliance reports?

A: We offer affordable rates for our builders and architects but we'd like to avoid posting our rates in a public setting.  To request a pricing sheet, please email