Benefits: REScheck vs. DSCC Review

Standard REScheck by Designer

DSCC Review

Free; only cost is time

$0.10/conditioned ft2

Accurate if used correctly

Guaranteed accurate

Uses R-Value to show compliance

Ability to evaluate R-Values for all parts of assembly including air gaps and OSB

Modeling strictly based off of U-Value and SHGC

Utilizes U-Value, SHGC, overhangs, adjacent shading (i.e. deciduous trees) and roller shades

Can determine “% Better Than Code”

Can determine the most cost effective and realistic solutions to meet code

Redlines are handled by architect

Redlines handled by DSCC

Submits documentation “as is”

Submits documentation with “Letter of Intent” stating the chosen pathway of compliance (i.e. Prescriptive/Performance)

Varying expertise with respect to energy efficiency

Certified RESNET HERS Rater

 Can place unrealistic importance on R-Values and ignores construction materials

Evaluates construction materials based on thermal properties to help design a project that actually performs

Varying knowledge with HVAC design and installation

 Knowledgeable and able to consult with HVAC contractor on required documentation and features (i.e. fresh air ventilation per ASHRAE 62.2 + Manual J, D, S)

TESTING: Varying knowledge with respect to required 3rd party testing (2012 IECC only)

TESTING: Has ability to generate testing targets, perform the required testing and submit documentation for approval to local municipality


Stephen Mogowski,
Jul 20, 2014, 8:51 AM