Thanks for choosing Desert Skies Code Compliance. 

Upon submitting a project for us, please take the following steps:
  1. Fill out a PAW (Plan Analysis Worksheet).  You can download this at the bottom of the page.

  2. Submit your completed PAW and plans (.DWF or .PDF).  Please ensure the plans you send are finalized.  Send to OR deliver simple, clear instructions to find online (i.e. FTP Server, Dropbox, etc).  We require the following:
    1. Floorplans (noted and scaled)
    2. Guest House plans (if applicable)
    3. Clerestory plan (if applicable)
    4. Window & Door Schedule + U-Value & SHGC values
    5. Elevations
    6. Sections (if available)
    7. Roof Diagram
    8. Mechanical Plans or Manual S (System Sizing, Efficiency, Fresh Air Ventilation need to be clearly identified)

  3. Desert Skies will send a price proposal for the project to your billing contact (designated on the PAW).  Sign and return the proposal.  Electronic signature is OK.

  4. Desert Skies will complete the reviews within two to three business days of receipt of all of the above.  We will submit the reports to the your primary design contact (designated on the PAW).

  5. Desert Skies will issue an invoice to the billing contact (designated on the PAW) upon completion of work.  Prompt payment is appreciated.  Payment is considered late after 35 days; late payments are subject to fees.
Download your Plan Analysis Worksheet at the bottom of this page.  Submit PAW with plans, or alternatively, provide us with a way to access your plans online.

Stephen Mogowski,
Dec 15, 2014, 10:00 AM